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Humanities Department

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HOD Humanities    Mdm Lena Yeo
SH Geography Ms Rafidah Bte Abdul Muin 
HOD/CCE Mrs Preeti Sheri 
Senior Teacher History Mr Shahril Bin Mohd Shah 
Teachers Miss Zhou Wensi
Mdm Shaheeda Supar

Mr Nallu Dhinakharan

Miss Fadilah Binte Abdul Wahid

Mr Prinya Lovajana

Miss Candice Soh Jia Yun

Mr Tan Eng Tee, Derrick

 Mr Shen Yong En Josiah
 Ms Norlinna bte Mohd Ismail
 Mr Poh Yang Han
 Ms Chow Jia Xuan

Mission Vision

The Humanities Department’s vision is: 

Learners who embrace their role as global citizens who are able to manage complexity, ambiguities and diverse perspectives in an increasingly globalised world through being able to think critically and flexibly when faced with issues and challenges

Its Mission is: 
Teach and Inspire Tampinesians with a concern for the world and to do their best as useful and contributing citizens for the world they live in

Its Aims are: 
  • To develop a genuine interest and an understanding of Geography and History or Social Studies at the lower secondary levels
  • To generate thinking and passion in students about subjects taught through conceptual understanding and skill acquisition
  • To strengthen students’ appreciation of subjects to real-life through making connections between learning and real-life issues and challenges 

The department seeks to develop critical thinkers who are able to work collaboratively with one another. The key programmes are designed to provide students with an appreciation and understanding of the Humanities disciplines, at the same time equipping them with useful skills such as research, perspective-taking and decision making.  

Key Programs For Each Level

Secondary 1

[Collaboration with NLB for ‘S.U,R,E’ and PUB for Geographical Investigation]

Students acquire understanding on research skills through the school’s collaborative efforts to work with NLB in mounting the S.U.R.E  (Source, Understand, Research, and Evaluate Source) training workshops for  Secondary One classes. 

Geographical and Historical Investigations in the form of fieldwork inquiry continue to provide a baseline foundation of understanding the skills of a Geographer and a Historian as students explore and make sense of the place and the historical significance of key events of Singapore. The students had the opportunity to visit the National Museum to study primary and secondary sources, as  well as participate in the ABC Water Trail conducted by PUB.

Pre Geog Field Trip.JPGGeog Fieldtrip.JPG

Sediment Study.JPG

GI Fieldtrip

The Humanities department had partnered the National Library Board to conduct a S.U.R.E (Source, Understand, Research, and Evaluate Source) assembly talk for the lower secondary cohort and a Young Historical Investigator hands-on e-Resources workshop for the secondary one classes. Students were taught the S.U.R.E technique and were taught to discern credible online sources that will inform their understanding when conducting secondary research for their Geographical and Historical Investigation in Semester 1.

HI Fieldtrip.JPG

HI Fieldtrip

 Secondary 2

[Learning on The Move]


Aligned to the spirit and intent of Upper Secondary Social Studies, this LOTM aims to develop the competencies of students to become informed and concerned citizens through being involved in Issue Investigation using ICT. 

The LOTM is designed by teachers to provide students with a meaningful experience as they work in their teams to investigate the issue on ‘Understanding Citizenship and Governance’.




econdary 3

[Escape Room: The Tampinesian Experience]


Mirrored after the virtue game ‘the escape room’, the TPSS ‘Escape Room’ is a physical adventure learning activity in which students have to solve clues by relying on concepts and skills acquired in their Secondary Three Social Studies and Geography curricula.


Designed by teachers, the learning activity is uniquely TPSS as it takes into consideration of the student learning profile and seeks to consolidate student learning. To survive the ‘Escape Room’, students go through a real-life scenario case study and rely on collaborative peer efforts to come up with solutions to the clues.

Escape Rm.jpg

Escape Room

Secondary 4/5

 [Social Studies (SS) Talk]

Aligned to the Social Studies curriculum, the SS Talk aims to allow our graduating cohort to interact more deeply with the issues covered. In 2017, students were inducted on the history, system and different schemes and benefits of CPF. 

SS Talk Series.JPG

SS Talk Series

The team comprising three Secondary Four Express students qualified for the Semi-Finals in the NUS Geography Challenge 2017. For the team entry, they submitted an Infographic entitled Tampines Eco Green. One of the student participants was also commended for his excellent performance in the Preliminary Round (Individual Component) of the competition.