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Grooving to the beat together

excerpt from www.schoolbag.sg Published 26th January 2018

Teamwork makes the dream work and this is particularly meaningful and relevant for Tampines Secondary School’s Street Dance co-curricular activity (CCA) members.

The 65-member troupe does not only focus on their development in dance moves. They also explore various collaborative aspects and develop friendships as they understand each other better. This is important because it helps to connect to one another during dance performances.

On usual practice days, the students split into smaller groups of about eight to 10 during their practice sessions, and orchestrate their moves for various sections of a performance. They would later re-group and work to piece together an entire gig. 

With differing viewpoints, skill levels and experiences, initial tensions and teething problems in group work are not uncommon. It does not spell the end of working effectively together though. Through these experiences, students learn to put aside their differences and focus on their common passion.

More than working harmoniously together, the students form lasting fellowship with friends who share the same passion.

Street dance grooving beat together

[Our Alumni in the News] Newly commissioned SAF officer dedicates Sword of Honour to his father

Excerpt from www.straitstimes.com PUBLISHED 17th June 2017

To mark Father's Day on Sunday (June 17), Second Lieutenant (2LT) Ahmad Hafizuddin Abdul Hamid, 21, is dedicating his Sword of Honour to his father, auditor Abdul Hamid Abdullah, 62. The award is given only to the top cadets commissioned as Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) officers. 2LT Ahmad Hafizuddin was one of 475 cadets commissioned on Saturday (June 17) at the Safti Military Institute at Upper Jurong Road.

He said: "My father was an officer when he served his National Service and he advised me to always to do my best."

His words inspired me. There were times when I encountered obstacles during my training at the Officer Cadet School (OCS). 

His words pushed me to try even harder and strive for the best."He added: "Preparing for the commissioning parade in the hot sun during Ramadan was not easy as I am fasting. By receiving the Sword of Honour, I feel my hard work has paid off. Hari Raya celebrations will definitely be a more memorable one this year."

The commissioning parade marked the completion of 38 weeks of rigorous training at the OCS.

‘Makerspaces’ allow students to get messy — and creative

Excerpt From  www.todayonline.com  PUBLISHED: 24th APRIL, 2016.

“Makerspaces” — set aside for students to tinker with a wide range of high-tech equipment and materials — have also been set up in several secondary schools.

And the students love it.

The school’s vice-principal, Ms Rose Chen, said: “These activities (give) students opportunities to apply what they have learnt in the classroom to solve real-life problems that are of interest to them.” 

The tinkering spirit is also alive at Tampines Secondary School, where students had opportunities to build LED shoes, scribbling machines and other robots during a makers’ camp last October.

With the help of students from the Singapore University of Technology and Design and Institute of Technical Education, the Tampines students tried their hand at digital fabrication equipment.

Amid growing interest, the school started weekly “making” workshops in April. 

Held after school, these workshops are conducted by a team of four teachers, several of whom have experience and interest in engineering.

14th March 2016 ...Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Fair @ TPSS

Excerpt From  www.channelnewsasia.com  PUBLISHED : 14 March, 2016.


2,000 students introduced to opportunities in Chemical, Life Sciences industry

The Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Fair at Tampines Secondary School marks the first time a career fair was organised by the Student Development Curriculum Division of the Ministry of Education.

25th-27th August 2015 - Pop Up Maker Space @ Tampines Secondary School

The objective was to introduce the Maker mindset to students by encouraging students to work in a team on an open ended activity. let the students complete the tasks given (e.g. making something that can draw or making a duster move without touching it) using their own ideas and creativeness. Little instructions were provided and of course, the right way of solving the problem has not yet been invented.

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Here is a video montage of the programme