For cheque payment, either post the cheques or call into our General Office. Please make cheques payable to ‘Tampines Secondary School’.
For cash payment, you can make payment directly at our TPSS General Office. 

For cheque payment, either post the cheques or call into our General Office. Please make cheques payable to ‘Tampines Secondary School’.

For cash payment, you can make payment directly at our TPSS General Office.

We do not advise students to join more than one CCA due to the need for greater time commitment. However, permission may be granted on a case-by-case basis. The student should see the PE/CCA HOD, Mr Elangovan to discuss his or her ability to balance school work and additional CCA responsibilities. 

Mother Tongue Languages:

  • My child has been away from the Singapore school system for some years and has not kept up the study of MTL.

You may apply for your child to take an MOE-approved MTL-in-lieu such as French, German, Japanese, Arabic, Burmese or Thai, or exemption from offering MTL. Applications can be made through the school after admission and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • My child was exempted from the MTL exam at PSLE. Does he/she still need to study a MTL at Secondary School?

It is not necessary to re-apply for MTL exemption when your child is promoted to Secondary 1. He/she will continue to be exempted from offering MTL.

  • I would like to apply for MTL exemption for my child. How can I go about doing it?
Students will be favourably considered for exemption if they meet any of the following criteria:
1) Student only joined the Singapore education system mid-stream (e.g. an international student who joined a Singapore school only at Primary 5),
2) Student has certain special needs or medical conditions (e.g. autism, severe dyslexia)

If a student wishes to apply for exemption and meets at least one of the above criteria, he or she should approach the HOD MTL, Mdm Chong Mong Leng, for the exemption form.

  • My child is studying a NTIL (Non-Tamil Indian Language) in Primary School. Does he/she need to reapply at Secondary School? Are NTIL lessons conducted in school?

Students who have obtained approval at the primary level to study a NTIL are not required to reapply at Secondary School. They must continue to offer the approved non-MTL or NTIL at secondary and pre-tertiary levels.

However, TPSS does not offer in-house NTIL lessons. Students studying NTIL are required to attend lessons with the NTIL community groups and sit for examinations set by the Board for the Teaching and Testing of South Asian Languages.

  • Is HMTL offered at Tampines Secondary School?

TPSS only offers HCL lessons in school. Eligible HMTL students taking other languages must go to designated language centers or schools to attend lessons. They should complete the application form given to them with the eligibility letter and submit it during the Sec 1 registration.

Academic Matters:

  • What are the school's niche Programmes?

The school has niches in Creative Engineering (Applied Learning Programme) and Creative Expressions (Learning for Life Programme). Your child may apply to TPSS through our Direct School Admission programme if he or she has strengths in Math, Science or Arts.

For more information:

Applied Learning Programme – /programmes/applied-learning-programme

Learning for life Programme – /programmes/learning-for-life-program-llp

  • Does TPSS offer Subject-Based Banding (SBB)?

Yes. You may find more information at the MOE website: https://www.moe.gov.sg/education/primary/subject-based-banding-(primary)

  • What are the subjects offered at upper secondary in TPSS?


English Language

Mother Tongue Languages


Physics, Chemistry, Biology1

Combined Science (Phy / Chem or Bio / Chem)



Additional Mathematics



History, Geography, Literature1

Social Studies with History or Geography Elective

Craft and Technology


Design and Technology

Elements of Business Studies2


Computer Applications2

1 Only offered to Express stream students

2 Only offered to NT stream students


  • Are Students allowed to bring mobile phones to school?

Yes. However, our school strictly enforces a no mobile device policy within classrooms, unless students are given permission to use their devices by their teachers as part of the lesson. Please refer to the policy on mobile devices on the School Rules page for more information: https://tampinessec.moe.edu.sg/about-us/school-rules


  • What is the policy on attire and grooming during non-curriculum periods?

Students must be dressed in school-approved tops and school uniform bottoms or the full school uniform if they wish to enter the school during non-curriculum periods. Please refer to the section on school uniform for more information: https://tampinessec.moe.edu.sg/about-us/school-rules


  • Does my child need to buy a laptop/mobile device as part of school programme when he/she joins TPSS?

TPSS does not require students to buy laptop or mobile devices. We do not have one-to-one mobile computing programme, although we have ICT programmes and ICT-supported curriculum. We provide devices for students when required. Students can loan devices from our ICT staff or use laptops in our library. Our school also has a Wi-Fi network for students to bring-their-own-device to connect to the internet for learning purposes.