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Homework Policy


Homework refers to learning activities assigned by the school that students are required to complete outside of curriculum time.  This includes projects, research, e-learning, worksheets, etc.


The school believes that carefully designed homework is beneficial to students’ learning.  Homework when used appropriately, can improve students’ academic ability, study skills and disposition towards learning.  When used inappropriately or excessively, however, homework can impact negatively on students’ achievements and motivation and reduce their access to other activities that teach important life skills.
Effective use of homework enables pupils to
  • gain mastery of learning and deepen conceptual understanding;
  • develop skills and attitudes that will enhance his/her future academic studies and character development; and
  • develop good learning habits such as time management and ownership of learning. 
Effective use of homework enables teachers to
  • consolidate the learning that takes place in class;
  • gain insights on students’ learning and to provide feedback, intervention and support; and
  • reflect and review the effectiveness of lessons.
Effective use of homework enables parents to
  • be informed of their child’s learning progress to provide support to the child; and
  • strengthen parent-child relationship.


When planning homework, teachers need to reflect on the rationale and type of learning they want the homework to reinforce, and the quantity and quality of homework assigned.
Quality of Homework
  • Homework given should be well-designed to bring about the intended learning outcomes.
  • The assigned homework is related to classroom teaching and is purposeful.
  • The type of homework is differentiated to meet the different needs and abilities of students.

Quantity of Homework 
  • Homework is allocated based on the amount of time required by an average student to complete.
  • Amount of homework given is age-appropriate.
  • Homework given across subjects and departments are coordinated.
  • Amount of homework given considers students’ involvement in continual and semester examinations, CCA participation, time for family bonding, school activities and personal interest.


Teachers, parents and students play an important role in ensuring that homework serves its intended purpose.
IP Heads (HOD/SH/LH)
  • Set homework requirements (type of homework, quality and quantity) for each level and stream.  
  • State homework requirements clearly in the Schemes of Work (SoW).
  • Assign relevant, purposeful homework that is appropriate to the students’ learning.
  • Set realistic and clear deadlines for submission of homework.
  • Ensure that all teachers adhere to homework policy set by the department, set appropriate homework and mark the homework.
  • Review and evaluate homework policy in order to align to department learning objectives.
Form Teachers 
  • Include homework management as one of the Class Time and In-Conversation discussion topic to gather feedback.
  • Provide feedback to Subject Teachers where appropriate.
  • Advise parents on homework issues.
Subject Teachers
  • Communicate clear expectations on the purpose and procedure of homework.
  • Check homework and provide timely and developmental feedback to students.
  • Provide support to students for intervention.
  • Engage parents on homework matters and provide them with information related to students’ learning progress.
  • Communicate with other teachers of the class and HOD/SH/LH to coordinate homework matters.
  • Understand the purpose and expectation of homework.
  • Record homework instructions and deadlines in the Student Companion.
  • Inculcate good learning habits to set aside time to study daily.
  • Inform and consult teacher should he / she encounter difficulties in managing the homework.
  • Put in his / her best effort to complete the homework as instructed.
  • Review feedback given by teachers to make improvement. 
  • Create a home environment conducive for child to study and complete the homework.
  • Provide support and assist when child faces difficulties in completing homework.
  • Reinforce good learning habits and attitudes.
  • Work in partnership with the teachers to support the child’s learning and development.