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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)



1.    Applied Learning refers to an approach that emphasises authentic and practice-oriented learning experiences. The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) helps students appreciate the relevance and value of what they are learning in the academic curriculum to the real world, and develop stronger motivation and purpose to acquire knowledge and skills.
2.    The emphasis is on the application of thinking skills, assimilating knowledge across subject disciplines, augmenting the imagination and applying these in real-world settings in society and industries.
3.    In Tampines Sec School, our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) employs active learning pedagogy to provide students with opportunities to explore and experiment in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  The programme aims to imbue students with an engineering and Maker mindset and equip them with knowledge and skills that are applied through hands-on activities. The ALP is entitled

Creative Engineering:

Inter-disciplinary Authentic Problem Solving

4.  By actively involving our students in STEM appreciation, STEM skills acquisition, and STEM skills application, the ALP forms a core component in our school’s total curriculum.  Through the ALP, our students will be curious and creative problem solvers who appreciate both the broader applications of science, math & technology and advancements in creative engineering and discover the possible STEM pursuits available in the post-secondary landscape. 

Learning outcomes

The ALP learning outcomes are
1.  To deepen students’ understanding of science concepts, leading to application and deeper appreciation of role of science in   life. 
2.  To enable students to apply mathematical skills using authentic data and information. 
3.  To develop students’ critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities. 
4.  To develop students’ communication and collaboration skills. 
5.  To develop the spirit of  inventiveness, tinkering and experimentation 

Programming The ALP is structured into Tier 1 broad-based STEM modules exposure for all students and Tier 2 engagement for students who show greater aptitude and interest.  
In Tier 1, students work in groups and engage in investigations in STEM modules related to quad-copter (Sec 1) and solar car (Sec 2). Subsequently they construct the product and in the process apply their knowledge.  Students are also exposed to tinkering through the Maker Movement and Maker Space. Tier 2 students are equipped and enabled with more specialised training and opportunities such as participation in external competitions and Maker Faire CCA.
An overview of the learning opportunities is summarised below:


The acquisition of skills and development of attitudes of the students are encapsulated in the table below:

ALP Learning Matrix





·         Identify cause-effect relationships

·         Demonstrate written and visual representation skill to communicate STEM knowledge

·         Apply STEM knowledge and skills to construct a product

·         Apply problem-solving skills

·         Able to work in groups and be part of an effective team

·         Likes reading or hearing about science or technology.

·         Enjoys acquiring new knowledge in science or technology.

·         Recognises science and technology in everyday life

·         Adopting a Maker mindset



·         Acquire and synthesize information from a variety of sources

·         Develop solutions to solve open-ended tasks

·         Write clearly and persuasively to communicate scientific ideas clearly

·         Able to tinker and experiment to invent product

·    Continual reflection on experiences and consolidation of learning

·     Embraces what a scientist/ an engineer does

·       Actively considers majoring in some area of Science/ Engineering in University/ Polytechnic/ ITE

·        Appreciate the Maker Movement and applying it in daily life


Members of the department


Name Designation
Mr Victor Ng HOD Sci
Mr Wan Chee Wai HOD Maths

Zulkifli Bin Mohamed DT Teacher
Wendy Tong Maths Teacher