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Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)


Nurturing a  caring community of Learners, Thinkers and Leaders

Tampinesians who are:

  1.  Good character - Socially conscious & Environmentally aware 
  2.  Resilient and competent socially & emotionally
  3.  Future ready


Learner: Students who do primary and secondary research to obtain qualitative and quantitative data on society needs.

Thinker: Students who think about how they can meaningfully contribute to the society.

Leader: Students who carry out advocacy projects in the various communities to promote a caring and inclusive society.



Develop reflection as a thinking routine to strengthen students’ learning and character.


VIA: Students do personal reflections on how they can contribute to society





Provide a range of learning spaces and modalities for students to experience leadership of self and others.


VIA: Students (especially the VIA Leaders) are given opportunities to lead in meaningful projects which would benefit their target audience





Empower students by guiding them through roles and responsibilities in order for them to learn, change, and lead through a variety of learning experiences.


VIA: (1) Training/ course/ workshop conducted by teachers. (2) Student initiated projects carried out by the classes





Facilitate rich partnership opportunities for students to contribute meaningfully to school and the Tampines community.


VIA:  (1) Tier 1 ViA with classmates (2) Tier 2 VIA with CCA peers.





Instil ownership in students for learning and conviction to grow their character.


All classes have to carry out a project to cultivate positive values and contribute to society.





VIA Lessons


VIA Ambassadors Training


CCA Collaborations


VIA Talks




External Partnerships


Learner: Students learn about adopting good cyber ethics and a positive online presence.

Thinker: Students think how to contribute to good cyber relationships.

Leader: Students  who advocate for responsible digital citizenship

National Education

Objective: Designing experiences to strengthen our students’ and fellow educators’ citizenship dispositions, to inspire all to take collective ownership of our future as a nation

A sense of belonging

To develop a deeper understanding of who we are, and a shared understanding of the values that are important to us as a nation.

A sense of reality

To be aware of contemporary realities - including Singapore’s constraints and vulnerabilities - which affects us as a nation amidst the backdrop of a less predictable world

A sense of hope

To have confidence and optimism in Singapore’s future and the resilience to face the challenges ahead.

(culminating in)

The will to act

To be active citizens who have a collective resolve and a sense of shared mission towards building a Singapore for all


NE Commemorative events

NRIC Issuance Ceremony

NS Engagement talk

I-CARE Environment 

Learner: Students learn about the challenges and opportunities to contribute to a clean and green Singapore and world.

Thinker: Students think how to contribute to a green mindset and culture.

 Leader: Students to carry out advocacy projects as who plan and carry out clean and green projects.

Level Focus

Sec 1: Clean and Green Energy

Sec 2: Food waste 

Sec 3: E-waste

Sec 4/5: Biodiversity Programme



1.     Green Week (Term 2)

2.     E-waste Drive (Term 3)

3.     Kindness Week (Term 3) - Clean TPSS in conjunction with SG Clean

Partnerships: Alba, Tampines West , NEA, Singapore Green Council, One Tampines Hub