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InfoComm Club

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To Serve with Excellence and Bring Visualization to Life


To cultivate the students’ passion for different forms of Digital Media

particularly in digital animation tool and game design.

Training Schedule


Every Friday


2:00 – 5:00 p.m


Mdm Mazni Abu Bakar & Mdm Veni Thavasagayan




All Infocomm Club members will be trained in animation and game design training. The club aims that every club member 
is equipped with the animation and game designing skills so as to unleash their talent in animation and challenge their potential 
by participating in national competitions. Infocomm club members are also cyber wellness ambassadors. They will be trained to be advocates of cyber wellness in school as well as the community.


Cyber Wellness and Animation and Game Designing are the two key events and the areas of focus for the Infocomm Club this year. Infocomm Club members will be gearing up to produce posters and comics based on cyber safety. These posters and comics will be shared with the school on the official social media platforms. 

Last year, at least 95% of the ICC members participated in the national NEmation competition. 5 teams were shortlisted to be in the Top 100. Out of the 5 teams, 4 teams were selected for the qualifying rounds and finally, 1 team emerged as a Top 10 Finalist. Well done to the team, the Average Animators!

Besides being involved in Cyber Wellness activities and participating in NEmation national competitions, the club is also undergoing intensive training on games development using CoSpaces. By the end of the training, we hope that the students will be able to create their own games related to Cyber Wellness.

Scan the QR code above to view our Infocomm Club video done by Md Hasan Khan B Md Fadhllilah Khan [3E4]

Scan the QR code above to view Average Animators team being interviewed by NEmation 2020.

Scan the QR Code above to view our NEmation 2020 Top 10 animation clip.

Scan the QR code above to view an animation clip done by Md Hasan Khan B Md Fadhllilah Khan [3E4]



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CCA Display Day
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Cyber Smart Badges
eCCA Session
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NEmation Ceremony
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Top 10 Finalist