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Student Development Team (SDT)


Year Head/Upper Secondary & 

Sec 4&5 SDT Level Coordinator

 Mr Lee Kah Wai

Year Head/Lower Secondary &

Sec 2 SDT Level Coordinator

 Mr Lim Leong Thye Benny

Asst Year Head &

Sec 3 SDT Level Coordinator

 Mr Aloysius Ong Eng Kia

Asst Year Head &
Sec 1 SDT Level Coordinator 

 Mrs Nicole Ong-Yip Wan Wei


 Mrs Preeti Sheri

HOD Discipline

 Ms Ho Lian Shi

SH Student Management

 Mr Foo Chuan Teck Joshua

SH Malay Language

Mr Esfan Rizal Rahwom


 Mr Mohammed Ariff Mohtar

 Mdm Lim Chu Toh

 Mr Joshua Khong You Wei

Allied Educator (Learning & Behavioural Support)

 Ms Chua Wan Ling

Allied Educator (Counsellor) 

 Mr Jonathan Yuen Yee Chuck

 Ms S Manjushree

Student Welfare Officer     

 Ms Salina Aw Binte Fairuz


Mission: The SDT seeks to build a culture of care in which every student is engaged in learning and is motivated to give their best.



1. designs and implements processes, programmes and structures to promote and support a whole school approach to student development and student well-being for all students.


2. provides support and intervention for specific groups of students who require additional help, including students with special educational needs.


3. works closely with all Instructional and non-Instructional Programme Departments to develop students to be confident and resilient learners and leaders through the following strategies:

  • student empowerment in school experiences
  • intentional reinforcement across multiple contexts in total curriculum
  • consistent messaging in school and at home by adult role-models
  • supportive networks with peers and adults
  • positive behaviour and management of challenging or bullying behaviour
  • early intervention through identification and referral for students who need additional help.