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HOD Craft & Tech
 Mr Benjamin Low Yick Loong
SH Art Ms Tan Shin Shin  
SH Craft & Tech 
 Mr Lee Kwee Wei 
Teachers  Miss Nurlina Binte Ibrahim

 Miss Jasmine Tan Jie Min 
  Mr Koh Gim Koon 
  Mr Zulkifli Bin Mohamed 
  Mdm Warda Bte Mohamed Shariff 
  Mdm Norlinna Ismail   
  Mdm Tan Yoke Leng 
  Mr Ariston Tay Jing Yan 
  Mr Ng Aik Kah, Frank
  Mr Sng Ah Soon (CAJT)
  Mr Abdul Nadzir Bin Sher Zaman [TSO] 
  Mr Chow Siew Leong [TSO] 
  Ms Dalillah Ismail (FAJT)
  Mdm Norfatihah Hanim Bte Norazian 

Mission Vision

The Art & Craft Department's vision is: 
Develop students who are able to SEE, THINK and WONDER. 

Its Mission is:
We are committed to nurture pupils to be independent creative thinkers with an appreciations for the arts.

In Art & Craft department, Design Thinking is used to enhance the thinking process and increase collaboration between students (Learning and Thinking by doing). Design Thinking improves inquiry and creative thinking through project work based subject in Art, D&T, FCE and Music.


Design Thinking encourages problem solving in a creative and innovation way and through the five stages of Discovery, Interpretation, Ideation, Experimentation and Evolution.

Key Programs For Each Level

Secondary 1


Coursework: Print Making (Semester 2)

Students learn the basic of print making through lino pad. Students’

research and design prints based on theme “On my way to school”.



Coursework: Drones Design (Semester 2)

Students learn the basic design principles and operations of drones

through a hands-on approach. Students to design, prototype and test

the self-designed mini drones.



Coursework: Healthy Sandwich (Semester 1)

Students learn to prepare cook and serve nutritious food using basic culinary skills. For their project students researched and learnt about the importance of reducing food wastage and organisations that contribute to reducing food wastage in Singapore. With this knowledge, students designed their own poster on how we can reduce food wastage in our daily lives. The poster was designed using apps such as CANVA.


Coursework: STOMP - Multi-Cultural Fusion (Semester 1)

Students will understand the various cultures’ musical practices and

music and compose jingles music based on what they have researched

on using app “Madpad”.



Secondary 2


Coursework: The Strength in Me (Semester 1)

Students to design and express their thoughts a self-portrait based on

a sketch of themselves and it should represent the strength that they

have within themselves.


Coursework: School Improvements (Semester 1)

Students use the Design Process to design a product based on the

identified potential design needs around the school compound.

Students research into the users’ needs and design a solution for the

problem that the users face. A prototype is made to realise the



In Sec 2, student are taught more skillful dishes and appreciating the cuisines from different cultures in South East Asia. For example, students learned to cook Briyani Rice, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Pineapple Fried Rice. To enthuse students, they used their five senses to identify the various herbs and spices commonly used in cooking.


Coursework: Secondary 2 Graduation Video Production (Semester 2)

The students will learn how to create a Sec 2 graduation video to mark

the end of the journey in lower secondary and to capture the good

memories of the two years as a class. Students will learn the

importance of music in videos/films. Students will select a song of

their choice and learn and play the song as an iPad Band for their


Secondary 3


Coursework: Various Art Activities

Students engage I various art activities to prepare themselves in an Art




Coursework: Coursework based on theme “Entertainment”

Student will be conducting a mini coursework based on the theme

“Entertainment”. Using the design process, students identify potential

design situation and design and build a product for the users.

Secondary 4


Coursework: O and N Level Coursework

Students will be conducting their personal coursework for O and N

level examination from Term 1 to Term 3



Coursework: O and N Level Coursework

Students will be conducting their personal coursework for O and N

level examination from Term 1 to Term 3


Design Award 2015


Two D&T students (Kenneth Toh – 4N1 (2014) and Wang Qing Wei – 4N1 (2014)  products were shortlisted for the Design Awards.
(Awaiting results of the competition).