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English Language and Literature Department

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Head of Department, English Language & LiteratureMr Christopher Tan Ming Quan 

Subject Head, Literature

Ms Hannah Rheya Devaser

Senior Teacher (English) Mdm Shen Simin Nicole
Ms Chen Liwen (EL / Lit) 
Ms Koh Siew Tian, Samantha (Lit / EL) 
Ms Li Sijie (EL / Lit)
Mr Mohamad Imran B AB Malek (EL)
Mr Ng Woon Bing Kevin (EL / Geography)
 Ms Nurasyikin Hapet (EL) 
Ms Pek Jia Hui (EL)
Mr Poh Yang Han (History / EL)
Ms Sumangalam Haridas (Lit / EL)
  Mdm Lee Whye Gwan (EL) 

Key Programmes 

As Learners...

English Language

English Language Trail 

  • experiential learning to make grammar and language appreciation come alive 
  • self-directed research on possible language games 
  • adapt them into their proposal writing exercise

This programme provides an authentic learning experience for students to see how the learning process can create a real-life impact to their lives.


Literature in English

Passion Arts Festival where the following are displayed throughout the year:
  • graphic novels (Secondary 1)
  • comics (Secondary 2)
  • shape poems (Secondary 3) 
  • anthology of poems titled ‘My Father’ (Secondary 4)


As Thinkers...

English Language

NewsMaker Programme 

  • integrating receptive and productive language skills where students hone their communicative                 competencies 
  • challenge students to develop self-awareness and appreciation of wider social issues
  • allows students to consider deeply their opinions 
  • develop an awareness of how best to position what they say in order to win over their audience
  • encourages them to express themselves confidently


Literature in English

  • ensure students engage critically with the texts and contexts they are exposed to hone their                     appreciation of understanding Character, Theme, Plot, Setting and Style
  • bring alive their multiple graphic, comic and video projects
  • partnership with the NLB for the re-opening of the Tampines Regional Library at Our Tampines Hub 

As Leaders...

English Language

Commonwealth Essay Prize 

  • promotes literacy, expression and creativity among young people by celebrating excellence and               imagination

Literature in English

  • POSB-NLB Kids’ Lit Quiz (April) 
  • National Schools Literature Festival (July)
  • E6 Unseen Challenge (July)