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English Language and Literature (ELL) Department

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Level Head, English Language Mr Christopher Tan Ming Quan 

Subject Head, Literature

Ms Hannah Rheya Devaser

Senior Teacher (English) Mdm Shen Simin Nicole
Teachers Ms Anis Mastura Bte Mohamed Salim (EL)
Ms Chen Liwen (EL / Lit) 
Ms Koh Siew Tian, Samantha (Lit / EL) 
Ms Li Sijie (EL / Lit)
Mr Mohamad Imran B AB Malek (EL)
Mr Ng Woon Bing Kevin (EL / Geography)
Ms Pek Jia Hui (EL)
Mr Poh Yang Han (History / EL)
Ms Sumangalam Haridas (Lit / EL)
Ms Nur Azizah [FAJT]
  Ms Rachel Poh [FAJT]

Key Programmes 

As Learners...

English Language

English Language Trail 

  • experiential learning to make grammar and language appreciation come alive 
  • self-directed research on possible language games 
  • adapt them into their proposal writing exercise

This programme provides an authentic learning experience for students to see how the learning process can create a real-life impact to their lives.


Literature in English

Passion Arts Festival where the following are displayed throughout the year:
  • graphic novels (Secondary 1)
  • comics (Secondary 2)
  • shape poems (Secondary 3) 
  • anthology of poems titled ‘My Father’ (Secondary 4)


As Thinkers...

English Language

NewsMaker Programme 

  • integrating receptive and productive language skills where students hone their communicative                 competencies 
  • challenge students to develop self-awareness and appreciation of wider social issues
  • allows students to consider deeply their opinions 
  • develop an awareness of how best to position what they say in order to win over their audience
  • encourages them to express themselves confidently


Literature in English

  • ensure students engage critically with the texts and contexts they are exposed to hone their                     appreciation of understanding Character, Theme, Plot, Setting and Style
  • bring alive their multiple graphic, comic and video projects
  • partnership with the NLB for the re-opening of the Tampines Regional Library at Our Tampines Hub 

As Leaders...

English Language

Commonwealth Essay Prize 

  • promotes literacy, expression and creativity among young people by celebrating excellence and               imagination

Literature in English

  • POSB-NLB Kids’ Lit Quiz (April) 
  • National Schools Literature Festival (July)
  • E6 Unseen Challenge (July)