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Humanities Department

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HOD Humanities    Mdm Lena Yeo
HOD/CCE Mrs Preeti Sheri 
 SH History Ms Andrea Lee Shu Qi
Senior Teacher History Mr Shahril Bin Mohd Shah 
Teachers Ms Rafidah Bte Abdul Muin  
Mdm Shaheeda Supar

Mr Nallu Dhinakharan

Mr Tan Eng Tee, Derrick

 Mr Poh Yang Han
 Ms Chow Jia Xuan
 Ms Chia Yu Ru 
 Mr Ivan Lee Jia Xiang

Mission Vision

The Humanities Department’s vision is: 

Learners who embrace their role as global citizens who are able to manage complexity, ambiguities and diverse perspectives in an increasingly globalized world through being able to think critically and flexibly when faced with issues and challenges

Its Mission is: 
Teach and Inspire Tampinesians with a concern for the world and to do their best as useful and contributing citizens for the world they live in

Its Aims are: 
  • To develop a genuine interest and an understanding of Geography and History or Social Studies at the lower secondary levels
  • To generate thinking and passion in students about subjects taught through conceptual understanding and skill acquisition
  • To strengthen students’ appreciation of subjects to real-life through making connections between learning and real-life issues and challenges 

The department seeks to develop critical thinkers who are able to work collaboratively with one another. The key programmes are designed to provide students with an appreciation and understanding of the Humanities disciplines, at the same time equipping them with useful skills such as research, perspective-taking and decision making.  

Key Programs For Each Level

Geographical Investigation Field Trips for 
Sec 1 and Sec 3 students
The Sec 1 and 3 students visited the Sengkang Floating Wetland and Little India Arcade respectively. They collected primary data which enabled them to draw conclusions on the notions of water conservation and the local heritage of these sites.

Secondary 1 students exploring Sengkang Floating Wetland as part of their Geographical Investigation

Sec 1 Humanities Trail 

The Sec 1 students were brought around the Civic District and Marina Barrage to better understand the Singapore’s heritage and how Singapore has transformed. 


Teacher explaining to students about the transformation of Singapore’s landscape.


1. Bicentennial Experience

In celebration of Singapore’s Bicentennial in 2019, Secondary Two students were brought to Fort Canning House to visit the Bicentennial Experience to  better understand the History of Singapore. Also, the History Department organised a series of quizzes over the months to get students to find out more about Singapore’s past.

2. History Competitions

Students from Lower Secondary were exposed to a variety of competitions such as the Singapore History Day competition and the Istana Heritage Gallery competition. Such competitions help them to better appreciate Singapore’s history.


Students interacting with Dr Yaacob Ibrahim at Singapore History Day

3. Transnational Terrorism Talk by Mr Salim Bin Mohd Nasir, RRG Secretariat

Mr Salim shared his experiences and research on terrorism with the graduating cohort. He clarified misconceptions the general public had on associating terrorism with certain religious groups. He also emphasized the importance of social harmony as a defense against terrorist attacks.


Students listening to talk given by Mr Nasir on Transnational Terrorism