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Mother Tongue Department

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SH Malay  Mr Esfan Rizal Bin Rahwom
Teachers Ms Ho Lian Shi [HOD Pupil Management]
Mdm Mazni Abu Bakar 
Ms Yu Hsin-Ju 
Ms Marini Musa 
Ms Hamisah Sheikh Nahji
Ms Nuraisyah Razali 
Ms Xiao Min 
Mdm Nurliyana Hassan 
 Ms Nadia Binte Lamri
 Ms Leong Jia En
 Ms Li Kaiying [CL Co-ordinator]

Mission Vision

The Mother Tongue Department’s vision is: 
All pupils will love their Mother Tongue language. 

Its Mission is: 
To maximise language competence and inculcate the love for the language. 

Key Programs For Each Level

Secondary 1

1. Reading Project

The project will commence in Semester 2.

Carefully selected articles aim to stimulate students’ interest in

reading. The silent reading will be done on Tuesday and Thursday

morning, 10 min before the flag raising ceremony.


2.  MT Trail (within school)through group activities.
To instill the interest of learning MT, and applying knowledge learnt


3.  MT fortnight:

To interest and encourage students in the learning of MT through a range of activities, competitions and workshops 

Secondary 2

 1. MT Trail (community)

To instill the interest of learning MT, and applying knowledge learnt through group activities


2. MT Fortnight 

Secondary 3

 1. MT Fortnight


 2. Holidays assignment that includes pop culture:

To inculcate the love for the language. 

Secondary 4/5

MT Intensive Programme (end-May):

Prepare the students to achieve their best in the June O level MT exams


Lunar New Year 2020

On 24th January, TPSS celebrated Lunar New Year. The students had a meaningful morning learning about Lunar New Year cultural practices and recording Lunar New Year greetings as a class. Students, staff and parents showed their appreciation by preparing Fortune Bags for the elderly from Jamiyah Home, school attendants and security guards.

The students enjoyed an invigorating and exciting Lunar New Year concert with performances by the teachers, Lion Dance, Concert Band, Modern Chinese Dance, Wushu and Show Choir. Congratulations to the classes who won in the Classroom Decoration Competition!

TPSS would like to wish all students success in their studies and a smooth year ahead!



  1.  Cluster Sharing: Festival Ilmu (festival of knowledge)
    Our teachers presented at Festival Ilmu, an event organized by E6 cluster held at Pasir Ris Secondary School for the graduating cohort. Cikgu Farhan presented on oral skills called TAP3 students while Cikgu Marini presented on ‘Analysing Comprehension Text’.
  2. Cluster Sharing_1.jpg
    Cluster Sharing_2.jpg

  3. In the news: Journalism Camp by Berita Harian
    During the March Holidays, our school participated in a 2-days journalism camp organized by the Malay newspaper, Berita Harian (BH). We sent in a total of 2 teams consisting of 6 Secondary 2 & 3 students. It was an enriching experience for the students as they learn various techniques of journalism writing, interesting creative design as well as valuable photography tips. Our article was published in BH on 22 March 2017 as Miss Nadia Bte Lamri was once a camp participant during her secondary school days. Her team managed to clinch the first prize in year 2007, exactly 10 years ago.

    Although we did not clinch the top 3 position, our student, Nur Aisyah Amirah Bte Muhammad Akasah from 3E2 won the Best Stand-Upper in the Videography group assignment. Her article was published in the GenG newspaper, a subsidiary newspaper of BH for secondary school students.

    ML Journalism Camp_1.jpg
    Featured in GenG: Nur Aisyah Amirah from 3E2

    ML Journalism Camp_2.jpg
    In the news: Article from Berita Harian, 22 March 2017
    Bahas 4PM
Our students participated in the National Malay Debate Competition in May 2018. Students were exposed to a myriad of debate techniques as well as important social issues. It was definitely a very enriching experience for the students and it also gave them the chance to observe the richness of the Malay Language.