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Physical Education Department



Mr S Elangovan


Mr Ng Lee Wei John

Asst Year Head

Mr Ong Eng Kia Aloysius


Mr Tan Lee Hock James

Mr Faaiz Ishar

Mr Mohammed Ariff B Mohtar


Mr Lum Mun Kit Joseph

Mission Vision

The Physical Education Department’s vision is: 
A department that develops the whole person

Its mission is : 
We are committed to develop our pupils holistically through a wide array of programmes based on the school's strategic thrusts and shared values. 

Key Programs For Each Level


1. Sports (handball) 

2. CPR / AED

3. Principles of Games

The Principle of Games or POG is based on the concept of Teaching Games for Understanding which was developed by researchers at Loughborough University. It focuses on student learning through playing games.

Our students were taught games principles under the following 3 categories:

1) Net/Barrier

2) Striking/Fielding

3) Invasion/Territorial

POG's main idea is:

1)     Break the games down into key ideas and concepts and allowing our students to play even with a beginner’s ability.

2)     Highlight the transference of games concepts across sports within the same category.


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1. Sports (Football/Netball/Floorball)

2. Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education lessons provide the foundation for the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable students to be comfortable and safe in the outdoors. 

The module provides opportunities for theoretical concepts such as risk management to be enacted in authentic outdoor settings. It focuses on three strands:

a) enhancing physical health and wellbeing;

b) building competency in assessing and managing risk; and

c) developing a sense of place. 

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1. Sports (Badminton/Volleyball/Tchoukball/Handball)

2. Outdoor Education

PE diagram.png

3. MOE-OBS Challenge

MOE-OBS Challenge was introduced with these objectives in mind:

·        Develop well-rounded individuals

·        Outdoor Education (OE) provides rich learning experiences outside the classroom and helps our students to develop holistically, building up their resilience and ruggedness

·         Authentic learning experiences help our students to develop 21st century competencies as well as competencies for sustainable, active and healthy living

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SECONDARY 41)     Sports (Rugby/Ultimate + Tchoukball/Handball)


2)     Games Creation

The Games Creation  module is a cumulation of what the students have learnt in their four years of the PE program.


By applying the concepts learnt in PE, the objective of the module is for students to exercise their creativity and teamwork to come up with either:


a)     Entirely new games

b)     Modified games

c)     Games with modified equipment


TPSS Sports Leaders Workshop

The TPSS Sports Leader Workshop was conducted during the March holidays for potential leaders from various sports CCAs. The sports leaders attended the two-day course, equipping them with various skills such as tournament-organizing, fitness training knowledge and logistic planning.


2. TPSS Inter-House & Inter-Class Games

The Inter-House & Inter-Class Games are conducted across the levels to foster camaraderie amongst peers and to provide an additional platform for students to display sportsmanship, team-work and leadership qualities.


TPSS Gym Program


 To train all students to be able to handle gym equipment.

 To enable the students to take ownership of their own fitness by planning their own training programme.

 To encourage students to use the gym to supplement their physical training.


Our school’s external gym instructor provided training for all Secondary One students in the following areas:

      Gym safety & rules.

      Operation of machines and free weights.

      Concepts, myths, and benefits of weight training for health and performance.

      Major muscles, their actions, and exercises to train those muscles.

      Knowledge of sport-specific target muscles and exercises.

      Development of basic programme for sports-specific needs.

Inaugural Inter-House OE Challenge 2019

The PE department organized the inaugural Inter-House Outdoor Education Challenge on 4 Sep 2019. Sec 3 participants from the 4 houses took part in challenges comprising of the different components taught during their Outdoor Education Module.

These challenges include

1.      First aid

2.      Outdoor cooking

3.      Structure building

4.      Basha building

This event culminates the completion of their OE modules and allowed students to put into practice what was taught. Polaris house emerged as champions for this event.