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Parents as Partners Network (Main Committee)


Be a part of your child’s learning journey.

Let’s partner as ONE with a shared vision of bringing out the best in our children.

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PPN Chairperson                   Mr Faisal Khan Baluch

PPN Vice-Chairperson           Mdm Dawn Teo Hwee Ling

Treasurer                                 Mdm Nuraisha Bte Hassan

Member                                    Mdm Elina Gwee Chui Yen

Member                                    Mr Francis Hau

Member                                    Mr James Lim Keng Pong                     

Member                                    Mr Johan Lu     

Member                                    Mdm Kamsiyah Binti Samsi      

Member                                    Mdm Katherine Ooi Wai Ying

Member                                    Mdm Mel Rose Angeles

Member                                    Mdm Noemi Mateo       

Member                                    Mdm Patricia Sim

Member                                    Mdm Reema Bhatti      

Member                                    Mdm Sutiyanna Binte Harith

Member                                    Mdm Swati Kale

Member                                    Mdm Tan Kah Khiem


Our school values home-school partnerships and strongly believes that parents’ support is essential for students to thrive in school. Since 2003, the school establishes our parent support group named Parents as Partners Network (PPN) to engage parents who wish to contribute to the school’s efforts. These parents contribute their time and effort in collaboration with us on their children’s educational experience.

Our strong PPN Executive Committee consists of many passionate and committed parents who meet regularly and worked with the school on various programmes and projects that benefitted both parents and students.

PPN Executive Committee also collaborated with us and supported in several school events such as Mass Run and TPSS Fiesta. Their efforts to encourage parent participation at these school events helps to make the school a welcoming and supportive place for parents.


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