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Principal's Message

011122_01_LAN.JPGA warm welcome to the Tampines Secondary School (TPSS) website!  

For those of you who are new to this column, I always relish the opportunity to reminisce about the past and reflect on our experiences, so that we can apply our learning for the betterment of self and others.  At the same time, I invite our readers for a glimpse of some of our key areas of focus in the year ahead.

Lessons from the Past Year

It is human nature to get used to a certain way of doing things.  So, the process of pivoting back to normal is also something all of us must get used to. In 2022, we progressively opened up as the various Safe Management Measures gave way to normalcy in school.  Being mindful of both student and staff well-being, we took a calibrated approach towards re-introducing the programmes and activities that were commonly featured pre-COVID.  This turned out well as everyone welcomed the more vibrant school life without feeling too overwhelmed by the shift back to normal. As I observed and reflected on these happenings, I was reminded of the old adage “haste makes waste”.  I am glad that we were able to move forward as one Tampinesian family, in a steady and cohesive way.

Happily, the year 2022 ended with our face-to-face TPSS Open House, which was smoothly implemented and well-received by prospective students and their families.


Pictured: The passion of our staff and students on display to engage prospective students and their families at Open House 2022.

Through the experience, we also strengthened our belief that when we genuinely value our students’ voice and guide them with patience and care, we can imbue in them a sense of confidence and determination to step up and accomplish something meaningful – not just for themselves, but also for their team-mates and for the school.  I am therefore heartened to see that our students have put in so much effort and teamwork to plan and organise a successful event, which is to be recognised and celebrated.  

Indeed, through education, we teach our students that success goes beyond what they can achieve individually; success is, more importantly, about what they can contribute to the school and the larger community.

Looking Forward

In 2023, we implement Full Subject-Based Banding (FSBB) for the Secondary One students and welcome this first batch of students in mixed form classes, where they can interact with peers of varied strengths and interests.  In addition, there is more flexibility for our students to read subjects at different levels to suit their interests, aptitude and learning needs.  This way, students take greater ownership of their learning and derive more joy from learning as they explore multiple pathways that cater to their different strengths and interests.  Guided by this vision, we have been working hard to plan the curriculum, time-tables and other important resources for FSBB since the start of 2022.  I would like to assure parents and guardians that we will continue to do our best to support our students in this journey. 

Character development is a key focus of education in TPSS.  We believe that beyond academic pursuits, our students should be exemplary individuals who have the integrity and courage to take the right actions, are adaptable to different situations, continuously strive for excellence and are respectful towards others in word and deed.  These are our school values, and we will continue to nurture our students in these qualities through the myriad Character and Citizenship Education learning experiences that we have purposefully designed for them.

Our Eco-Stewardship Programme has matured steadily since its inception in 2021.  We have actively weaved interesting concepts relating to our green campus infrastructure – such as solar panels and cool classroom designs – into relevant parts of the curriculum, so that students can better appreciate the school’s efforts in sustainability and discover a deeper meaning in what they study through authentic learning.  This year, through our programmes and activities with the Tampines community, we will focus on greater efforts to strengthen a culture of eco-friendliness and the mindset of collective responsibility in fighting climate change.

As we look forward to these exciting opportunities and possibilities in 2023, I thank my school staff for their hard and heart work, my students for their zest towards learning, and their parents for partnering us on this exciting journey.  Together with my staff, we will be steadfast in our mission to provide a well-rounded education, in a nurturing environment, to prepare Tampinesians for the future.

Yours faithfully,
Mr Lan Mingjun